Wildflower garden with bench

Why plant a wildflower meadow?

If you’re thinking about planting a wildflower meadow or you’re just interested in why wildflowers are making such a comeback, this blog will give you a helpful rundown on why it’s important the UK rewilds by planting wildflower meadows. From health and happiness to habitats and conservation, the humble wildflower meadow can do it all!

Wildflower meadows support our wellbeing

Wildflowers improve both physical & mental health

Yes, growing your wildflower meadow can really help you get physically and mentally fit. Gardening and growing wildflowers is a great form of exercise, especially if hand sowing, weeding and cutting. This can also help increase your happy hormones, endorphins, making you feel more positive, confident and energetic. Being in and around nature is also known to reduce anxiety, stress and depression by inducing feelings of relaxation and calm. Growing a wildflower meadow is the perfect way to connect with nature, whilst always getting your dose of physical exercise too!

Plants create a sensory experience

If you’re like me, then you will love the sound of the breeze blowing through grasses and wildflowers. A wildflower meadow can really ignite all the sense from the feel of the plants, to the vibrant colours and floral smells. This is not only great for relaxation but, sensory experiences in nature, can also improve our memory, increase concentration levels and can help us to express our emotions better.

Wildflowers create a positive atmosphere

Looking out onto a wildflower meadow in full bloom not only looks fantastic but makes us feel fantastic too! The colours can make us feel inspired, whilst the wildness can make us feel free. This combination of providing stunning views when the flowers are in bloom and lifting our mood, means that many of us can benefit from planting our own wildflower meadow.

"Growing your wildflower meadow can really help you get physically and mentally fit."

Wildflower meadows create a community

Gardening brings people together

If your wildflower meadow is a bit much to take care of on your own, then why not get your friends and family over a for a planting party! There a few jobs such as weeding and cutting which you may need some extra hands for, so this is a great chance to come together, have some food & drink and enjoy being together in nature.

Wildflower nature works for the local area

If you’re lucky enough to have space to grow a wildflower meadow, then a great idea could be to create nature paths or quiet spaces which you could occasionally open up to the local community. You may invite local primary schools to come and visit or ask your neighbours round to enjoy a drink in the opened-up part of your wildflower haven. Whatever works best for you, growing wildflower meadows can have a really positive impact on the community and area where you live.

Wildflower meadows support the environment

Wildflower meadows create amazing habitats for wildlife

Wildflower meadows are home to many different species of insects, birds, and small mammals, offering the perfect shelter and space for these animals to thrive! Planting wildflower meadows across the UK is super important for keeping the population of these species at the right level. The growing number of developments, urbanisation and climate change are all reducing natural habitats for these creatures, therefore by growing your own wildflower meadow you can help to reduce humanity’s negative impact on nature.

Meadows help to capture carbon and offset our footprint

Yes, it’s not only trees which can capture carbon from the air! Grasses and wildflowers can also capture carbon and your wildflower meadow can become a carbon sink. This can help to offset your personal footprint and reduce the impact of climate change. What a way to make a real difference! If you would like to know more about how you can offset carbon, especially your business’ carbon footprint, take a look at YourPact – the carbon & sustainability solutions for companies in the UK.

Wildflower meadows are amazing for pollinators

Do you like strawberries? Raspberries? Apples? Tomatoes? Yes? By planting a wildflower meadow, you can help support sustainable farming of all these foods and more! Wildflowers are a great source of pollen for pollinators; therefore, you will be helping bees and butterflies to thrive! With high populations of pollinators, all foods which rely on pollination can be grown naturally and successfully, right here in the UK.

Wildflower seeds are a fantastic food source

As well as being one of the best sources of pollen, wildflower seeds also help to feed birds and small mammals, such as rabbits. Not only will you therefore be getting a great mix of wildlife using your meadow but you will also be supporting a flourishing eco-system and food chain in your local area.

Growing wildflowers can improve soil structure

If your area of land has been unused, cash crops on rotation or a hard landscape, then your soil will probably be in need of some TLC. Growing a wildflower meadow can help to create a new soil structure and break up clumpy areas, whilst also having the potential to put nutrients back into the soil. For example, a meadow with red or white clover helps to fix nitrogen, helping to feed the flowers and grasses in the meadow, as well as any following plants you may grow in that area.

Wildflower meadows are a new experience

“Just try new things. Don’t be afraid. Step out of your comfort zone and soar.” Michelle Obama

If you’re new to the world of wildflower meadows and you’re a bit unsure about planting your own, another great reason to grow a wildflower meadow is to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! New experiences are great for building confidence and helping us to find hobbies and interests. At the end of the day, we are all in the hands of nature when it comes to planting wildflowers and each season there is something new to learn as unexpected things may happen! My best advice is to go with the flow, join the YourGreen community and share your experience.

After having read just some of the top reasons to plant a wildflower meadow, you may now want to know how! For a simple yet in-depth guide to growing a wildflower meadow, read the YourGreen blog here. You may also like to have a browse at the fantastic range of YourGreen wildflower seed mixes for meadows! Discover the perfect mix for you.