It’s probably best to start by introducing ourselves. We are Nick & Bethan, the Directors of YourGreen and we are really excited to share with you how we came to create YourGreen and why we wanted to work together to encourage people to join this brilliant community! 

The idea for YourGreen was born after working together for a number of years in the agricultural industry. Nick had previously worked in the seed/ag industry for over 30 years and I joined with very little experience! However, we quickly came to realise that our approach to business was very similar. After around 7 years working together and after I gained plenty of experience, we spotted an opportunity. We realised that we could create a green business to support individuals, communities and organisations putting their needs at the forefront of all our decisions.

Our Mission

For us, our goal is a fairly simple one. We want to encourage and support as many people as possible to get growing. This can be through our YourPact business scheme or getting your hands dirty in the garden. We want to help individuals, industries and communities to discover the fantastic benefits of growing YourGreen products, knowing how enjoyable and rewarding this process can be.

I think a big area where we can make a difference is by encouraging beginners to give growing wildflowers & trees a go. It’s important to share our experiences and understand that none of us ever have control over mother nature so, it’s all about giving it a try and learning as you go. We also want to support community projects to make green spaces more accessible for everyone. Not only can this make a real difference to people’s lives, but also to protecting the world that we live in.

Your Story

YourGreen isn’t really about our story – it’s about you, as an individual and us, as a collective. YourGreen is making being green more accessible. We want to share with you more than just the technical growing advice, helping you to discover the environmental benefits of our products as well as the more personal rewards associated with nature – whether you’re an individual, family, community or organisation.