Why use a YourGreen wildflower seed mix for your meadow...

Wildflower meadows have a bit of a repuation for being tricky to establish and maintain! However, by using reliable & relevant seed mixes and getting top advice, your meadow can be everything you're looking for!

The YourGreen range of wildlfower seed mixes for meadows are 100% seed mixes, we do not use filler or try and bulk our packs with alternative product. You can therefore be sure in the quality of the seed you're buying!

We would also love to help with specialised & personal advice on which mixture to use for your project. We will provide you with a sowing & growing guide, so you know how to prep, sow and maintain your meadow and a member of our friendly team is always on-hand if you need any specific support.

Wildflower Seed Mixes