Eco-friendly ethos & ideas

Being the best that we can as a sustainable business is at the top of our priority list. We want to make sure the impact of YourGreen is a positive one and we work hard to improve and to encourage others to do the same. No matter whether we are talking about the environment, wildlife or people, we intend to act kindly and with as much consideration as we possibly can

  • Packaging

    All of our seed packaging is recyclable and we are committed to making further changes by using all biodegradable packaging by 2025.

  • Sustainability

    By the end of 2022, we want to offset all of our carbon footprint by supporting regenerative farmers in different areas across the UK.

Community gardening Family enjoying the outdoors Wildflower garden with bench Yoga in the park

Seed Donations & Green Community Projects

Being close to or part of nature has such a positive impact on people’s physical and mental health. We therefore offer free wildflower seed mixes to selected schools, care homes and communities to ensure people who need it have access to the amazing benefits of these beautiful and important plants.