Garden wildflower seed mixes

Our wildflower seed mixes for gardens are packed full of wild plants designed to boost the environment, your aesthetics and your connection with the natural world.

Creating a wildflower garden is a fantastic way for us to get outside and enjoy all of nature's benefits. Wildflower gardens can be used to improve or change our mood and to help us get mentally and physically fit.

They can bring us together as a community and can be used to create skincare products, medicines, food and drink and beautiful arrangements for personal use or for gifts. Take a look at our wildflower garden seed mixture range and pick a mix perfect for you!

Our wildflower seed mixes have been designed with nature in mind. They are a fantastic habitat, food source and pollinator for bees, birds, butterflies and insects. Growing the YourGreen wildflower seeds mixtures are also a perfect way for us to connect with nature and enjoy all of its benefits. 

Wildflower seed for gardens