Wildflowers in a small space

Growing wildflowers in small spaces

If you’re short on space and want to grow wildflowers, check out this insights blog for all you need to know about growing wildflowers in small spaces.

How can I grow wildflowers in a small space?

Let me start by saying you’ve got a few options! If you have a balcony or a garden with no beds or lawned area, a great option is a planter. These can vary in size and price so there’s something for everyone. Simply fill with a low nutrient soil, lightly cover with your chosen YourGreen wildflower seed mix and spread a small amount of soil or compost over the seed – being carefully not to completely cover to stop sunlight getting through to the seed. Give the planter a good water after sowing and when planter gets dry. Try and find a good spot for the planter which gets sunlight through the day!

If your area is a bit bigger and you have the space, why not try a mini wildflower meadow or bed. These can look so good against a hard landscape and make a real impact – helping pollinators, insects, the environment and your green space to stand out!

Which wildflower seed mixes should I choose?

We have two perfect annual mixes for small spaces – Space Saver and Native Flora. These mixes are full of vibrant annual wildflowers which can bring your balcony or smaller area to life. It can be used for larger spaces as well but we wanted to make sure that there was a mix for those who didn’t have the outdoor space for bigger planting projects.

Other great mixes to try for those who have a small garden or green space area include the mood-boosting range; Tranquil Escape, Creative Calling and Feelgood Factor. These are perfect for mini-meadows or wildflower beds and include perennials as well as annuals. For those of you who want to make a real impact, why not attract those beautiful butterflies with Pollen Pact. A vibrant mix to attract pollinators during the summer months.

Treat yourself to one of the YourGreen wildflower seed mixes to really make your outdoor space bloom this summer. Watch our latest video for more details on how to grow wildflowers in small spaces.