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Carbon offsetting for UK businesses

Reducing and offsetting our carbon footprint is crucial in the battle against climate change but with the focus mainly on carbon, are we ignoring other important environmental battles to be won?

Green targets for UK businesses

The government has set ambitious emission targets for the UK, aiming to cut carbon emissions by 78% by 2035 and become carbon neutral by 2050. These targets come from the government’s decision to commit and action the Paris Agreement objective to limit global warming to below 2°C.

This is a positive step towards reducing the devastating effects of burning fossil fuels and intensive manufacturing on the world’s climate. However, should we also be doing more during this period of reflection and development to make improvements to other areas of environmental concern?

What’s included in the Environmental Bill?

The government’s Environmental Bill identifies ten goals for environmental improvement. This not only includes mitigating climate change but also other key domestic issues;

  • clean air
  • clean water
  • habitat & wildlife preservation
  • biodiversity
  • biosecurity
  • public engagement with the natural environment

These environmental concerns appear to be taking a back seat to carbon emissions, with the majority of private investment from businesses and individuals allocated to carbon neutral goals.

Often this corporate investment is allocated to tree planting projects across the world, with little consideration for where, how or when these projects occur. Very few initiatives support essential activities such as conservation, biodiversity net gains and accessibility to green space for people here in the UK.

The new Environmental Bill is set to lay out some tough targets, including a new legally binding target on species abundance for 2030 to boost biodiversity. So, with many tough tasks ahead, how can we contribute to reaching these goals to improve our environment for future generations?

Here at YourGreen, wanted to help businesses do just that – launching our private initiative for businesses – YourPact.

YourPact initiative for UK businesses

The YourPact initiative is a fresh take on corporate sustainability. Reducing our carbon footprint and preventing climate change is a priority and we can help support this by encouraging plantings of crops which capture carbon right here in the UK.

This not only battles climate change but also encourages biodiversity, replenishing the country with important plant and animal species, as well as micro-organisms and fungi. All of which are essential to a balanced and thriving eco-system.

Looking beyond carbon, we also need to improve our approach to conservation, habitats, soil & water health and accessibility to green space for the world to thrive. That’s what makes YourPact different. It’s helping business to invest in supporting these fundamental activities, mitigating our damage to more than the climate. With YourPact we can tackle many serious environmental issues in the UK, focusing on rewilding, sustainable food production and quality of life through access to nature.